Tour «Russian vasts» - Day 3

In the morning tourists have Breakfast, check out of the hotel and get in a comfortable long-distance bus to go in the direction of Saint-Petersburg. The distance between two cities is more than 700 kilometers across fields, small villages and historic cities tourists where tourists will stay.

The first stop on the route is Tver, which surprises with its beauty and versatility. Here, at the historic streets, the design of which the Empress Catherine the Second was participating in, now you can find a huge number of modern shops, restaurants and banks.

Here tourists will have lunch at a traditional Russian restaurant where they can taste some of Russian national dishes, without which it is impossible to imagine Russian cuisine. After lunch, the group will go on a sightseeing tour of the city to see its main attractions, among them Lenin square, Imperial Palace and the Cathedral of the assumption. After the tour the group will travel to a pedestrian street called “Three saints” to buy some local souvenirs.

In the afternoon, the group leaves the Tver to go to an old city - the city of Novgorod. Veliky Novgorod, as it is called, is one of the oldest cities in Russia. In the middle ages it was a major center of trade and crafts, now this is a City-Museum.

Here tourists will check-in to the hotel and have dinner in one of the traditional restaurants in the heart of the city.

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