Tour «Moscow – Tula – Saint-Petersburg» - Day 1

The group arrives to Moscow on an early morning flight and after passing passport control on a comfortable bus will head out on a tour to the heart of Moscow, which will begin on The Red Square.

For an hour and a half tourists can take pictures of Kremlins chiming clock and colorful domes of St Basil’s Cathedral, try out famous ice-cream in the main mall of the capital – GUM, take a look at it’s amazing architecture and feel the remained spirit of Soviet time. After that, the group will get behind the red walls to see The Kremlin inside and take a closer look to the centuries-old relics.

After The Kremlin tourists return to their bus and go on to look at the main sights of Moscow. On the way the group will stop in a small traditional restaurant, where they can taste Russian traditional cuisine.

After lunch the bus will make stops at the Novodevichiy convent, Sparrow hills, the main building of Moscow State University and Victory Park. There will be enough time to have a walk and take pictures of each place.

Also today, tourists will go underground to see the most beautiful subway in the world. Moscow subway was built with the purpose of praising socialism and at this moment is the most important monument of architecture of the twentieth century.

In the evening tourist check-in the hotel and they can go take a walk by themselves around Moscow or relax at the hotel room or in one of the restaurants in the city.

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